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103 SD Channels

51 Music Channels

+ 59 FREE HD Channels

Expanded Basic$88.74/moIncludes:

134 SD Channels

51 Music Channels

+ 80 FREE HD Channels

Other monthly rates apply but not included in prices listed above: $17.50 fee paid to local broadcast stations for customers living in Juneau county. $14.00 fee paid to local broadcast stations for customers living in Monroe county. One set-top box is included in the monthly plan price. Additional set-top boxes are an additional $5.00/mo. per box. Government taxes are additional and will be included on customer’s monthly bill.

Pricing For Additional Residential Television Services

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Whole Home DVR:

  • 250GB $5.95/mo – 80 hours of recorded HD storage. Record 6 programs at once.
  • 500GB $10.95/mo – 160 hours of recorded HD storage. Record 8 programs at once.
  • 1TB $15.95/mo – 320 hours of recorded HD storage. Record 10 programs at once.

HD Channels FREE with your package

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HBO / Cinemax $22.00
HBO / Showtime $25.00
HBO / Cinemax / Showtime $32.00
HBO / Cinemax / Showtime / Starz & Encore Pack $40.00

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Includes Cinemax HD


HBObuy cheap accutane uk
Includes HBO HD

Showtime / Flix / Movie Channel
Includes Showtime HD / TMC HD



where is the best place to buy accutane online

Any 2 Premium Channels $2.50 Discount
Any 3 Premium Channels $3.50 Discount