Fees and Taxes
We don't want to hide any fees or taxes from you. See our simple explanations of applicable fees that you have on your bill. 
Rates and charges are subject to change without notice. 
Technician Trouble Calls/Labor Visits
Customers will be charged for technician visits accordingly:

Trip Charge: $35
Labor Charge: $90/hour minimum, 1 hour minimum will be charged
Taxes and Fees

Lynxx Networks bills fees and taxes imposed by content providers and government organizations. All of these charges to our customers are billed directly, and appear as line items on monthly bills. Fees include payments for content and broadcasting rights. Customers are also liable for regulatory fees, franchises fees, and other similar taxes and fees issued through federal, state, and local agencies. We bill in advance for all services to be provided during the ensuing billing period and ask that bills be paid within 10 days of receipt. Payments made by check that are returned unpaid will be assessed a $15.00 handling charge.

Installation Fees
Internet Installation: $25
Internet Installation with Managed Home Wi-Fi Service: $0

Phone Installation: $26.25

Traditional TV Installation: $25 for the first 2 TV's
Streaming TV Installation: Self Install, customer owned device

Programming fee applicable to each service: $25
Premise fee applicable to technician install: $35 (once per visit)
Service move fee: $35 plus applicable labor charges of $90/hour
Local Broadcast Station Fees
Local broadcast fees are negotiated by Lynxx Networks bring you local broadcasting at the lowest possible price. These fees along with programming rates increase annually and are then passed directly on to our customer. These costs appear as separate line items on your monthly statement. Refer to the TV pricing for current local broadcasting fees. 
Customers are liable for payment of all applicable federal, state, and local taxes and are billed accordingly on every monthly bill. Exact amounts are itemized on the bill and are reflective of the amounts specified and issued via government agencies. Lynxx Networks has no control over these amounts and bill them directly as enacted by law.