What is Streaming TV?
Lynxx Networks offers Streaming TV to our customers. Streaming is the process of watching your favorite shows and movies via the internet instead of a traditional cable or satellite TV connection. Streaming services are app based, so you’ll navigate the app with the remote for a streaming device (ie. a Firestick, Roku, or Apple TV) or through a Smart TV. There are two types of streaming: on-demand and live. With on-demand you can watch a selected movie or show whenever you like. Live Streaming lets you watch content like local news channels, sports, and TV shows live. You can also stream using a streaming app on your tablet, laptop, or smartphone that is connected to Wi-Fi.
Streaming TV Pricing

Installation fees  may apply. 


Madison DMA = Juneau County
La Crosse/Eau Claire DMA = La Crosse and Monroe Counties

Streaming Add‑on Options

Add custom packages to your Entry Tier Streaming package based on the channels you love to watch!

Do you have enough bandwidth for the best experience?
If you are streaming with us, or using a different platform, you'll want to add the bandwidth needs to the rest of your home network demands. Our customer technology consultants can help you find the right internet package to accommodate a flawless experience. We can also offer an app to monitor your home usage, network and family activities. Ask about our Home Managed Wi-Fi Service and Command IQ apps.

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Streaming on a TV
Lynxx Networks Supported Streaming Devices
Amazon Fire TV
  • Stick Gen2
  • Fire TV Gen3
  • Stick 4K
  • Fire Cube Gen2
Apple TV
  • Gen4
  • Express 3900X
  • Premiere 3920X
  • Streaming Stick+ 3810X
  • Ultra 4640X
  • Roku 4 4400X
Lynxx Networks Streaming Box
Rent a streaming set top box from us for a monthly fee. This device gives the traditional TV feel and if anything goes wrong with the box, we’ll replace it.