The Fastest Internet Needs the Best Wi-Fi
Managed Home Wi-Fi from Lynxx Networks puts you in the driver’s seat when it comes to your home network. A Wi-Fi 6-enabled router that’s built to handle fiber-fast speeds, and comes with 24/7 tech support is just the beginning. Couple this with the Command IQ app, which offers network security and parental controls, and you have everything you need to ensure your home Wi-Fi network is connected and secure.
Add Managed Wi-Fi Today
Gigaspire and Command IQ App
Why choose our Managed Wi‑Fi over other options?
Here's three reasons why:
Powerful Wi-Fi
Managed Wi-Fi gives you our Lynxx-provided, Wi-Fi 6-enabled, Gigaspire router. Built to handle our fiber-fast speeds, our router provides whole-home coverage and allows you to seamlessly connect all the devices in your home while still enjoying unlimited surfing, streaming, and gaming.
Network Control
The Lynxx Command IQ app comes standard with our Managed Wi-Fi. The app gives you network control from the palm of your hand. Keep scrolling for more about Lynxx Command IQ and its features.
Peace of Mind
Our Managed Wi-Fi comes with 24/7 tech support & remote troubleshooting capability. Upgrade your Lynxx Command IQ app to add expanded parental controls and network security, giving you peace of mind knowing your network is controlled and secure.
The Best Wi-Fi needs the Best App
Take control of your home network with the Lynxx Command IQ App. Download Lynxx Command IQ from the App Store or Google Play today.
Download and set up your app account in less than one minute
The freedom to link your whole home and smart devices
Protects and notifies you of viruses, malicious websites, and intrusions on your network.
Lynxx Command IQ App Preview
Set up parental controls and regulate the web with ease
Create a guest network -- connect your friends and family with a simple tap
See what devices are connected to your network at all times 

Whole Home Wi-Fi+ = Whole Home Protection

When you choose Whole Home Wi-Fi+, you get the Lynxx Guardian upgrades to the Lynxx Command IQ app. This includes Protect IQ and Experience IQ, which offer extended parental controls and network security not found in the basic Lynxx Command IQ app. Take a look at what each of these products offer and decide what's best for your home - Managed Home Wi-Fi with the basic Lynxx Command IQ app, or Whole Home Wi-Fi+, with the Lynxx Guardian upgrade to include Protect and Experience IQ.

Time limit settings in app

Lynxx Command IQ

You're in the driver's seat of your home network.

Create a guest network and send login info. directly from the app

Pause the internet to any device, any time, and create routines for scheduled downtime

Create user profiles and assign connected devices by person or room in the home

Run a speed test

Change or reset your Wi-Fi network name or password

Content Restrictions

Experience IQ

You set the boundaries. We help you keep them.

Set content restrictions per device or network-wide & receive notifications if an attempt is made to access restricted content

Set standing time limits for devices on your network

Choose what apps can be used for how long

Turn off or pause Wi-Fi, create bedtime schedules, and manage screen time

Prioritize devices on your network to receive bandwidth over others

Security settings in app

Protect IQ

Lock your network like you would your front door.

Protection from viruses, malware, and intrusions

Security for the most vulnerable devices on your network, including cameras, smartTVs, baby monitors, and thermostats

World-class cyber security software that is updated daily to keep you safe

Software that blocks attempted visits to known, harmful websites

Network protection that is integrated with your Wi-Fi router