Accepting Permission Forms for New Fiber Connections
Crews are constructing our fiber network in our Grant Area - portions of the Towns of Lisbon and Lemonweir - along with the Village of West Salem and the City of Mauston. We are asking customers who would like a free fiber connection to their home (also called a "drop") to please fill out the permission form. This form lets us know that it's okay for us to come onto the property to bury the fiber to your home. Customers in these expansion areas are NOT required to take our service if they have the fiber connection. We encourage customers to have the drop run to their home now to avoid charges should they decide they want service later.
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Now Accepting Drop Permissions
Lynxx Projects

We are always looking for opportunities to expand our territory, and our company has several new fiber projects underway right now in the City of Mauston, Towns of Lisbon and Lemonweir, the Village of West Salem, and Wyeville. We also have Oakdale and Valley Junction on our project list. 

Click below for updates on our current fiber projects. 

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Don't settle for less than fiber fast
We think you deserve better internet. We live in a time where high-speed internet access is critical in our homes to power remote offices, home security, online school and entertainment. With Lynxx there’s no buffering, glitching, or frozen virtual meetings. File uploads and downloads are synchronous and flawless. And it’s all done on our trusted, gigabit network. 


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Did you know?

Studies have found that high-speed fiber broadband services, with 1 Gbps or higher download speeds, can add more than $5,400 to the value of an average home in the United States. This added value can raise the value of your home by more than 3 percent. 

- The Fiber Broadband Association 
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