A dedicated connection means you get what you pay for. No more giving part of your speed to the neighbors. Symmetrical delivery for equal upload/download speeds and the area’s fastest Internet service with Gig+ speeds. Wow!


With a fiber connection, a bigger pipe means less compression and crystal clear HDTV. Our Gig network has the bandwidth to deliver a vibrant picture, over 150 channels, VOD, and PPV options.



Flexible choices. Reliable service. Lynxx Networks has built a digital phone service with large unlimited calling areas to save you money. Monthly local plans, long distance options, and ala carte features.


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January VOD Releases

Lynxx On Demand puts thousands of movies titles at the touch of your remote. Including blockbuster films to the classics, some of your favorite TV shows, TV series and music!

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Kids Club Movies

Looking to find something new for your kids to do? This January the Video On Demand Kids Club features lots of interesting on screen adventures. Available on Lynxx Networks Video On Demand during the month of January:

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Ever Wonder About the Costs That Make Up Your Monthly Local TV Bill?

Because we’re a hometown business, we are invested in our community, our employees and our customers. With Network fees dramatically increasing and impacting your monthly bill, we wanted to give you a backstage pass to better understand the economics of the TV business.

Click here to learn about the costs that make up your monthly tv bill.

Why Choose Xxtreme Velocity Internet?

  • Fastest Internet Available
  • Symmetrical Service
  • Dedicated Access
  • Unlimited Data
  • Reliable Service
  • Best Technical Support