Grab Your Pumpkin Spice Latte and Cozy Up To This Deal! Get faster than fast 1 Gig Internet and you can do everything better than ever. 1 Gig means more people in your household, can do more, on more devices seamlessly. Streaming, surfing, e-learning… Click to Apply Today! 1 Gig for $49.95 Incredible Prices. Great Value! The Area's Fastest Internet & Wi-Fi Service A complete fiber network delivering Gig Internet speeds and the fastest Wi-Fi experience. Get Up To Speed Lynxx Networks Fiber Internet Rent Movies Meant With movie theaters shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic movie studios decided to offer early rentals of new movies through On Demand services but at a higher rental cost. Available starting on:
November 6 – Battle of the Bulge
November 25 - Let Him Go
November 10 - The Broken Hearts Gallery
How to order movies from Lynxx Networks To Be In Theaters! Battle of the Bulge Let Him Go The Broken Hearts Gallery
Lynxx Innovative TV & DVR Service Lynxx Networks TV service is packed with new features for a more empowering viewing experience. Like ReStart TV, a Weather App, and more! Features & User Guides Lynxx Customer Service Team Meet Our Friendly, Helpful Customer Technology Consultants Our customer technology consultants experience and commitment to client satisfaction is why Lynxx Networks has a reputation for delivering effective answers to your questions.

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CommandIQ is an intuitive, easy-to-use app that lets you remotely access and control your Lynxx Managed Wi-Fi equipment using your favorite mobile device. How To Get The CommandIQ App

Welcome to Lynxx Networks featuring the Area’s Fastest Internet Service

Lynxx Networks℠ continues to be the innovator of modern communication and entertainment services since its inception in 1907. Today, the employees serve consumers in their homes, communities and businesses throughout portions of Juneau, LaCrosse, and Monroe counties. At Lynxx, we are committed to providing the highest level of services at fair prices and, at the same time, look to the future to provide the most advanced technology to the communities we serve.

“Fiber-optic connections can add $5,437 to the price of a $175,000 home…”
– Carnegie Mellon University



You get a dedicated connection so you get the speed you pay for and don’t share a connection, symmetrical delivery for equal upload & download speeds, and the area’s fastest Internet service with Gig+ speeds. Wow!


With a fiber connection, a bigger pipe means less compression and crystal clear HDTV. Our Gig network has the bandwidth to deliver a vibrant picture, over 150 channels, VOD, and PPV options.



Flexible choices. Reliable service. The digital phone service Lynxx Networks built has large unlimited calling areas to save you money. Monthly local plans, long distance options, and ala carte features.

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Slide 1 Night in San Diego Available November 24 Slide Acute Misfortune Available November 3 Slide Battle of the Bulge Available November 6 Slide The Broken Hearts Gallery Available November 10 Slide Buddy Games Available November 24 Slide Dating Amber Available November 13 Slide Dreamland Available November 17 Slide Echo Boomers Available November 13 Slide Evergreen Available November 17 Slide Fatman Available November 24 Slide Girl Available November 24 Slide Jungleland Available November 10 Slide Let Him Go Available November 25 Slide Lie Exposed Available November 11 Slide Mortal Available November 6 Slide Possessor Available November 3 Slide Recon Available November 11 Slide Words on Bathroom Walls Available November 17 Slide Spontaneous Available October 6 Slide Tales From The Hood Available October 6 Slide Tremors - Shriekers Island Available October 20 Slide Unhinged Available October 20 Slide The Wolf of Snow Hollow Available October 27 Slide Yes Available October 5

November VOD Releases

Lynxx On Demand puts thousands of movies titles at the touch of your remote. Including blockbuster films to the classics, some of your favorite TV shows, TV series and music!

View All Available Video On Demand Titles

Slide Peter Rabbit 2 Slide The Thanksgiving Movie Slide Windstorm 2 Slide Thanksgiving Dance 2 Slide Turkey Day Slide Miracle on Christmas Slide Emily and the Magical Journey Available in November

Kids Club Movies

Looking to find a movie for your kids? This November the Video On Demand Kids Club features lots of interesting on screen adventures. Available on Lynxx Networks Video On Demand this month:

View Kids Movies

Ever Wonder About the Costs That Make Up Your Monthly Local TV Bill?

Because we’re a hometown business, we are invested in our community, our employees and our customers. With Network fees dramatically increasing and impacting your monthly bill, we wanted to give you a backstage pass to better understand the economics of the TV business.

Click here to learn about the costs that make up your monthly tv bill.

Why Choose Xxtreme Velocity Internet?

  • Fastest Internet Available
  • Symmetrical Service
  • Dedicated Access
  • Unlimited Data
  • Reliable Service
  • Best Technical Support