Your Guide to Streaming TV
Lynxx Networks wants you to enjoy a great streaming experience no matter which streaming device or services you choose. This guide will help to explain what streaming TV is and how it works, and offer advice for how to navigate through the many streaming options currently available in the marketplace.
Apple TV Box
Streaming is as Easy as 1, 2, 3, 4
Why Choose Streaming?
Did you know that 85% of US households have at least one streaming subscription? More and more people are making the switch from traditional TV. Here’s why:

Saving $ — Streaming can save money because consumers can be more selective about what they’re paying for. Plus, you can put streaming accounts on hold when you’re not using them.

Convenience —Streaming lets you watch what you want, when you want. Plus, most streaming platforms have a commercial-free option.

Personalization — Streaming services make recommendations on what series or movie to watch next based on your viewing profiles.
What Type of Streamer are You?
Movie Buff
Max, Hulu, Netflix, and Apple TV+ are known for their award-winning original movies.
Binge Watcher
Netflix has historically been known as the leader in best original series content.
Family Time
Disney+ is a great choice for families, offering timeless classics and new releases.
Home Improver
Check out discovery+ and the Magnolia Network for home improvement shows.
Local News Devotee
The Lynxx Networks MVS Streaming App offers local channels based on your Direct Market Area.
MVS Stream
Sports Fan
The ESPN+ app is a good option for streaming live sports and ESPN originals.
History Buff
Learn all day long! The History Channel and National Geographic have their own streaming apps.
News Junkie
Major networks like ABC, NBC, and Fox have their own streaming services. Some are free, but require a subscription.
The major streaming platforms: a breakdown of pricing and content options
$7.99/mo. basic plan (with ads); $17.99/ mo. (no ads)
Bundle options with Disney+ and, ESPN
30-day free trial
On-demand and live TV options 
$9.99/mo. basic plan (with ads); $15.49 / mo. (no ads)
Create user profiles for kids to control content
No free trial; change or cancel plans any time
$7.99/mo. (with ads); $13.99/mo. (no ads)Bundle options with Hulu and ESPN availableNo free trial availableStandalone Streaming Service
$9.99/mo. (with ads); $15.99 / mo. (no ads)New live stream sports option at additional costNo free trial availableStandalone Streaming Service (w/o live sports)
$62.99 for the base planAdd on the Spanish Plan and NFL Sunday Ticket Get $10 off for the first three monthsOn-Demand and live options
Amazon Prime Video$14.99/mo. as part of Prime MembershipOption to subscribe to, rent, or buy from a variety of other movie channelsFree trial for non-prime membersOn-Demand and live options
Apple TV+$9.99/monthShare subscription with up to 5 family members7-day free trial, 3 months free with new apple deviceStandalone Streaming Service
Paramount+$5.99/mo. (with ads) $11.99/mo. for PremiumLots of CBS content; Showtime comes with Premium7-day free trialOn-Demand; live option available with Premium
ESPN+$10.99/month or $109.99/yearUFC events, MLB, and NHL games, college sportsNo free trialOn-Demand and live options