The TV Features You Will See and Use Every Day

With our  TV service comes many exciting features that will enhance your viewing experience. The features are listed below. Click on a link to watch a brief video overview of a feature and how to access the feature using your remote control.

 The TV Features You Don’t See But Use Every Day:

Currently your set-top-box is a piece of hardware that stores and controls your Whole Home DVR experience. Think of it like a computer dedicated exclusively to your TV.

What’s exciting is all of the storage and software (Apps) to run your DVR will switch to a cloud based system. All your DVR storage and apps will in the cloud and delivered by an Internet connection.

Please note: you will still need a set-top-box for your TV but it will act more like a modem to send and receive instructions to and from your TV and the Lynxx cloud servers.

Because our TV and DVR service is software, its extremely flexible.

  • Features can be added just like software updates. All done behind the scenes on our servers. No more time spent exchanging set-top boxes to get the latest improvements.
  • You are not limited to the storage space of the set-top-box. With cloud storage you can add up to 1 Gig of storage.
  • More robust recording options. Record up to 10 programs at once with upgrade to Whole Home DVR package.
  • Lots of useful FEATURES! See the list to the right for more information.
  • Basically it’s an upgrade of features, performance, and storage and you don’t have to leave your home to get it.

Top 10 Reasons To Select Lynxx Networks TV Over Other Providers

  1. Delivered to Your Home or Business on Lynxx Networks Premier Fiber Network
  2. Stays on Even When Its Raining or Snowing
  3. Juneau County’s One & Only Truly Local Chanel – Lynxx 24
  4. Local Associates Providing Customer Service and Installation
  5. New Movie Releases and Events Available Before Netflix and Red Box
  6. Easy to Find Local Weather Conditions
  7. Programming For Family & Children, Sports Fan, Comedy Lover, News Fan, Food Lover, Do-It-Yourselfer, History Buff, Faith Based Life, Outdoor Enthusiast and More!
  8. Take your viewing to the next level with amazing crystal clear HD TV
  9. Watch & Record Your Favorite TV Episodes or Movies from any room in your home!
  10. Have questions about your TV service or remote? Answers at your fingertips on Channel 1


What’s Hot App

Not sure what to watch on TV tonight?

The WHAT’S HOT app gives you the most popular programs being watched in your viewing area at that time as well as the most popular recorded programs and most popular series recordings! Isn’t it time you borrowed something from your neighbors for once. 

All the information you need right at your fingertips. Press the Yellow Button on your Remote Control and click on WHAT’S HOT!


  • Set a new recording
  • Set a new series recording
  • Set a reminder or
  • Search for additional times


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What’s On TV

The answer to, “What are you watching?”

Use this feature on your remote control to get information about what program is being shown on your TV. Watch the video to learn about the different ways your Whole Home DVR remote control gives you easy access to information.


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ReStart TVReStart TV

You can always be in the right place at the right time

With the Lynxx Networks ReStart TV feature you won’t miss a thing. Restart TV gives you the ability to restart a program that is already in progress. Or if you are browsing channels and see a show you wanted to watch that has already begun, Restart it and watch it from the beginning.

Restart Channels are highlighted by the green and white Restart icon.  The Restart icon can be found in the Program Guide as well as the What’s Hot app and the Browser Bar.

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Live Weather App

The weather outside
is on your TV inside

Know how to dress before you step out of the house. Use this feature on your remote control to get information about your local weather. The Lynxx Networks Whole Home DVR Weather App displays the current weather statistics, 5 day forecast, and local radar information without changing the channel from your favorite programming.

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Enhanced Guide for the Lynxx Networks Whole Home DVR

Below are video guides of features on Lynxx Networks Whole Home DVR. These videos that will give you an overview of how to you use your remote control to power this stellar service.

On-Screen Program Guide

Working With Favorites

Control Live TV

Recording & Reminders

Manage Your Recordings

My Settings

Parental Controls

Phone Menu – Recent Calls


Programming the Potenza ST Remote Control

Remote Control & DVR User Guide

Download the new TV service user guides here.

Download the DVR User Guide
Download the TV Service Remote Control Features & User Guide.

Remote Control & DVR User Guide

Download the new TV service user guides here.

Download the complete new service user guide here. Please note that all of the features described in the User Guide may not be activated on our network.