Phone Features

Selective Call Rejection *60 – This feature lets you create a screening list of rejected incoming numbers. Just dial *60.


Main Menu Options

3 = on/off of feature

#01 = adds the last number that was called to your list

# = manually enter a number

* = remove one or more entries
1 = listen to entries in your list

07 = remove single entry on list

08 = hear all entries on list

0 = menu of instructions


Speed Call 30 Numbers – Create a list of your 30 frequently called numbers and assign each a speed call number to access that call quickly.

  1. Make a list of the numbers you wish to have stored.
  2. Speed call codes are 20 through 49.
  3. Lift the receiver and listen for a dial tone.
  4. Dial *75 on your touch tone phone.
  5. Listen for a stuttere   d tone, then enter the 2 digit Speed Code (use only numbers 20 through 49) to store the number.
  6. Include a 1 with an area code for long distance numbers.
  7. To use the Speed Code, lift the receiver, enter number 20 through 49 from your list, and then press #.


Call Forwarding – Route incoming calls to another number that you enter.

  1. Listen for the dial tone, then press *72 and the number you want to forward the call to. (Note that at this point, there is no tone anymore) 
  2. If someone answers the telephone at the forwarding number, call forwarding is active. (Step 2 is called a courtesy call; there are many that will not do a courtesy call and will just activate the call forward feature.)

Variable Call Forwarding allows you to activate the call forwarding feature from almost anywhere using a touchtone phone. These steps are as follows: 

  1. Call 608-427-6565
  2. Enter the phone number you want forwarded
  3. Enter the PIN (this is the Call Services PIN; different from the Voicemail PIN)
  4. Enter *72

Special Notes About Call Forwarding:

  • If someone answers the telephone at the telephone number that you forwarded your calls to, you do not need to call the number again.
  • Calls forwarded to long distance numbers outside of the Lynxx Networks long distance calling areas will be billed to you at Lynxx Networks long distance rate.
  • Deactivate the call forwarding by selecting *73. You will hear two tones, and that confirms your call forwarding is deactivated.


Live Message Screening – LMS is a service that allows you to “listen in” to voicemails as they are being recorded, similar to a traditional answering machine.


Repeat Dialing or Auto Callback – Call back the last number dialed, even if it was busy. Just wait for the dialtone, then press *66. Deactivate the feature by pressing *86.


Call Return or Auto Call – Redial last incoming number, if the number is in the Lynxx service area. Press *69. Deactivate by pressing *89.


Caller ID (Name & Number) – This feature allows the name and number of an incoming call to display. You can also block your telephone number and name from being displayed on a Caller ID by dialing *67 and then the number you wish to call.


3 Way Calling – Add a third party to an existing call.

  • Press the flash for about a half a second to put the first caller on hold
  • Listen for the 3 way calling tone
  • Dial the number of the third party you wish to call
  • When the party answers, press the flash button again
  • All 3 parties are now connected


*57 Call Trace – Initiate a trace of the last incoming call. This is a useful feature for harassing or prank calls if you wish to pursue legal action. THERE IS A CHARGE TO EITHER OBTAIN OR USE CALL TRACE SERVICES.

  • Customer must contact Lynxx Networks and request that Call Trace is added to their line
  • Immediately after receiving a call that you would like to have traced, press and release the switchhook and listen for a dial tone.
  • Press *57
  • If the trace was successful, you will hear an automated announcement
  • Stay on the line and follow the instructions given
  • Five successful traces need to be completed
  • The traced number will be stored for approximately 7-10 days
  • Lynxx Networks will not release the information directly to you
  • You must call your local law enforcement agency within 7 days to begin the legal process of having law enforcement obtain the offending number from Lynxx Networks


Distinctive Ringing – Get the advantages of two phone lines for less. It’s a great solution for teens and small businesses. Additional fees may apply, but are not equal to having two separate lines.

  • You will be assigned another telephone number to your existing line
  • That second number will have it’s own special ringtone


On Demand Conference Service – Save time, travel and improve your productivity by meeting with people across town or across the country with secure telephone quality conferencing. You will have online access to schedule and manage your conference. Contact Lynxx Networks at 608-427-6515 to subscribe and get calling rates.