Details for your area

At this time, we are asking new customers in our expansion areas to fill out a quick form with their contact information, and permission to bury fiber to their homes. Click the tab of your area for the correct form for your home or property.

Building throughout the city

If you live in the Mauston city limits, your internet is about to level up! We aren't quite ready to schedule installations, but we'd still like to have you fill out this form if you are interested in our service. This will help us put in services as efficiently as possible. 

City of Mauston Form

Is your address in our new area?

The townships of Lisbon and Lemonweir were a part of a grant where an area was layed out based on some variables. Unfortunately, we are not able to cover the townships in their entirety in the first round of construction. Please take a look at the map here, and watch for pieces of mail from us to confirm availabiltiy. If you are in the indicated area, please take a moment to fill out the form to give us permission to bury fiber to your home. 

Township Forms

Building throughout the Village

Construction is starting this spring, so we aren't ready to get you installed quite yet. In the mean time, we'd still like to have you fill out the form with your contact information and permission to bury fiber to your home/property. 

West Salem Form

Nope! But it's still a good idea to get the drop.

Every home in the City of Mauston and grant areas can get a drop (the fiber buried to the home) at no charge during this build. Even if you don't plan to take our service, you really should allow the service to be buried to your home, and here's why:

  • You will add value to your home with a fiber connection.
  • If you don't take the drop now, but ask for one later, it will cost upwards of $500 to get the service. 

Apply today!