Program Your Remote

Gateway Remote Setup for Potenza ST

Please follow these directions to program your TV to this new remote control.

This remote control is already pre-programmed to control your Set Top Box (STB). The instructions below will program this remote to control your TV.

Code Search Method

  1. Manually turn ON the TV that you want to program to the remote.
  2. Press and release the TV button.
  3. Press and hold Setup button until the TV button blinks twice.
  4. Press and release the TV button. The TV button will stay lit.
  5. Find your TV and brand from the chart below and note the digit key assigned to your brand. Press and hold down the “Digit” button for your device/brand while pointing the remote at the TV.
  6. Let go of the button when your device turns OFF.
  7. Press the Power button to turn your TV ON. Press the STB button. You are now ready to watch your favorite show!
1 Insignia
2 LG
3 Panasonic
4 Philips/Magnavox
5 Samsung
6 Sanyo
7 Sharp
8 Sony
9 Vizio
0 Westinghouse