First, we bury mainline fiber, which is the fiber that runs along the main roads. Mainline is typically placed in the right-of-way. Since fiber cable runs underground, we utilize plowing, trenching, or directional bore techniques to get it there, which involves some big machinery.

If you have given us permission to bury / signed up for a fiber connection (aka a "drop"), the locators will come out to the areas where Lynxx is burying fiber to mark any underground lines such as: gas, electric, other telecommunications, etc. Flags and markings need to remain in place; workers will remove them when it is safe to do so.

The "drop" is what we call the fiber that is spliced from our mainline and buried in a trench to your home. The fiber is connected to a grey case on the outside of your home called an ONT. When it's time to run the drop to your home, our contractors wil get in touch with you to go over where the line will be placed and if there are things in the yard to avoid (i.e. underground dog fence, sprinkler systems, etc.) 

After the drops are run in your neighborhood our contractors have work to do before we can connect your home for service. The cabinet (think of it as the brains of the operation in your neighborhood) has to be set, programmed, and fired up. We also have to splice fiber in multiple locations along the path between the cabinet and your home. Once the fiber is spliced, and equipment in place, we have to test everything to make sure there are no weak links in the chain. We run the drops as early as we can so when all the work is done, we can connect you for service as soon as we possibly can.

When you get an e-mail from us saying it's time to order services, you'll go online and choose your internet, tv, and phone, and then schedule your installation date and time. On that day, a technician will come to your home to connect the outside ONT equipment to the router and devices in your home and make sure everything is up and running as it should be.
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Area Updates

Village of West Salem

By now, you've probably seen Steiger Construction, our contractor for our West Salem expansion project, working around town or in your neighborhood. Steiger has been putting in the mainline (the fiber that runs along main roads); we are projecting to have the mainline completed by the end of the summer. 
After the mainline is in, our crews will come back to run what we call the "drops" - the fiber line that runs from the mainline to a home or business. We have divided the community into zones for this project and homes will be connected by zones, based on where and when the mainline fiber has been run. 
Our contractors have already started running the drops and, as of the end of June, over 100 fiber connections have been made to homes in West Salem. Once the homes who signed up for a fiber drop in a particular zone have the fiber line run to their property, we'll reach out with an e-mail stating that it's time to go online, sign up for service, and schedule installation with a technician. 


Sign Up For A Drop

Here's answers to our most frequently asked questions in our expansion areas:

If I want service, do I have to sign up?
Yes! If you want Lynxx Networks service you MUST sign up for a fiber connection. Signing up for service simultaneously gives our company and our contractors permission to go on your property and bury fiber to your home. You can sign up for service by clicking here. Signing up for service now does not commit you to taking certain services - choosing internet, voice, and TV options will occur at a later date. 

Is the fiber connection free? 
Yes - while we are constructing our network, the fiber conection to your home is free. If you are interested in having Lynxx service now or in the future, we advise you to sign up for the fiber connection NOW. Once your neighborhood is ready for service you can apply for services and schedule your installation date at your convenience. If you don't take the fiber connection now, but decide you want our service in the future, there may be a connection fee.

Sign Up For A Drop