Connecting Your Home To The World With Managed Home
Wi-Fi Service

Today, households have more demand for speed and bandwidth, for multiple Internet devices, and simultaneous users. To meet the increasing Internet demands, Lynxx Networks offers Managed Home WiFi Service. Go wireless (WiFi) with your Internet connection and everyone can enjoy lightning fast browsing and downloads from their laptop, tablet, smartphone, or other devices, anywhere in your home at ultrafast speeds.
With WiFi speeds at this level, your Internet experience will change drastically:

  • A 2.2 GB HD movie that usually takes 30 minutes to download will take approximately 18 seconds
  • A 4 GB console game that takes 55 minutes will take 33 seconds
  • Stream videos and movies with no buffering
  • Get the music you want the instant you want it
  • Upload photos in the blink of an eye
  • Facetime or Skype without interruptions*

*Wi-Fi speeds may vary depending upon the number of Internet devices connected to the Internet simultaneously.


Managed Home WiFi Equipment Mobile App

CommandIQ is an intuitive, easy-to-use app that lets you access and control your Managed Home Wi-Fi equipment at home using your favorite mobile device. Set up guest Wi-Fi, set policy management and parental controls, and monitor usage of your home network.

Available for Android and iOS devices. Download from the App Store or iTunes.

Download the Command IQ Guide Here


    Lynxx can assist you in managing your in-house network connection up to the device minimizing downtime.
    Share your Internet connection with your computer, tablet, smart phone, and smart TV. A wireless router is part of the equipment eliminating unsightly wires.
    Now many issues can be remotely diagnosed and resolved so you can continue to enjoy service. It’s like having a helpful technician at your fingertips.
    Forgot your WiFi password? No problem. A Lynxx Networks technician can remotely reset your password for you.

    Internet speed check. Our techs can remotely access your GigaCenter and check how many devices are connected in home. This simple check can determine if more speed is needed for a better experience and best of all it’s affordable.
    Managed Home WiFi Service $9.95/mo.
    There is no cost to install the Managed Home WiFi service.

Features of Managed Home WiFi Service

Included with Managed Home WiFi Service:

  • Initial installation and setup of leased Lynxx Networks Residential Service Gateway(RSG)/Router (self-install also available if Lynxx Networks Internet service is already established at your location)
  • Assistance with initial connection of customer owned devices and equipment
  • Remote maintenance of leased Lynxx Networks RSG/Router (including firmware updates and necessary configuration changes)
  • Remote assistance with connecting new and additional network devices
  • Enhanced remote technical support by Lynxx Networks staff during normal business hours (Monday – Friday, 8:00am to 4:30pm)
  • Assistance with connection problems related to authentication issues (SSID/Password)
  • Assistance with issues related to WiFi signal interference
  • Assistance with issues related to poor WiFi signal strength and quality
  • Assistance with issues related to inadequate service bandwidth
  • On-site maintenance of customer’s in-home network
  • Includes maintenance of all infrastructure (cabling, jacks, Ethernet cables, etc.) necessary to deliver any and all subscribed Lynxx Networks services (Internet, Phone, Television)
  • Replacement of defective Lynxx Networks RSG/Router, if necessary, even in cases of lightning damage

Not included with Managed Home WiFi Service:

  • Issues related to customer neglect or damage to leased Lynxx Networks RSG/Router
  • Issues caused by the lack of power to leased Lynxx Networks RSG/Router
  • Issues related specifically to customer owned network equipment or devices
  • Relocation of leased Lynxx Networks RSG/Router after initial installation (This may be done for an additional charge)
  • Additional Lynxx Networks RSG/Routers needed to expand WiFi coverage area (These can be leased at an additional monthly charge)

Note: On-site premise visits for issues with customer owned network equipment (switches, repeaters, etc.) or devices (PCs, laptops, tablets, phones, etc.) may be subject to a trip charge.