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About Lynxx Networks

Lynxx Networks was originally founded as the New Lisbon Mutual Telephone Company in 1907. After acquiring several other local exchanges in the area, it was renamed Lemonweir Valley Telephone Company in 1931, Lynxx in 2014 and Lynxx Networks in 2018. Many technological advancements have taken place over time such as two party lines, operator switchboards, party rings and eventually one party lines. Today, the majority of Lynxx Networks customers residing in the Camp Douglas & New Lisbon telephone exchanges are connected to Lynxx Networks premier fiber optic network. Lynxx Networks also services several business customers in Mauston, Tomah and Sparta.



where can i buy isotretinoin

Alexander Graham Bell discovers vocal sounds can be transmitted by telegraph. Begins working towards first telephone.

Jan 16, 1907

Local business leaders hold a meeting in New Lisbon, Wisconsin to discuss creation of a telephone company.


New Lisbon Mutual Telephone Company is created.


Pay COD for isotretinoin without prescription

Theodore Roosevelt was president.


New Lisbon Mutual Telephone Company expands to Mauston.


Telephone lines are constructed & configured in conjunction with the development of railroad & telegraph systems in the area.


New Lisbon Mutual Telephone Company issues 53 bonds and offers single party business service for $1.50 per month & two party business service for $1.25 per month.


New Lisbon Mutual Telephone Company expands by purchasing Clifton Town Exchange.


The Green Bay Packers professional football team is organized.


First television invented by Philo Taylor Farnsworth.


New Lisbon Mutual Telephone Company is renamed Lemonweir Valley Telephone Company.


Lemonweir Valley Telephone Company constructs office in Camp Douglas.


Hustler & Camp Douglas exchanges are consolidated.


New Lisbon “Central Office” with mechanized switches replace the switchboard operators.


Bell Telephone Laboratories perfects the transistor.


Switchboard in installed for Camp Douglas.


Auto dial is available to customers, though there were still party lines.


Vince Lombardi’s Packers defeat the Kansas City Chiefs in the 1st Super Bowl.


First cellular mobile phone by Martin Cooper.


Personal Home Computers are created by Steve Jobs, Stephen Wozniak, Bill Gates, & Paul Allen at Microsoft & Apple.


IBM personal computer is introduced and promises to revolutionize the office.


Camp Douglas business office expands to house more equipment.


Mobile communication technology allows Lemonweir to offer cellular service.


Tim Berners-Lee invents the World Wide Web to access information through websites & hyperlinks.


Lemonweir offers long distance phone services.


High speed Internet is offered to Lemonweir customers.


Wireless Internet is available through Lemonweir, as well as digital television service in a new facility in Camp Douglas.


Lemonweir changes daily operating name to Lynxx to better describe the services they are providing.


Lynxx changes daily operating name to Lynxx Networks to best describe the services they are providing.