The Internet connection you choose can have a major impact on productivity, employee satisfaction and most importantly — your bottom line.

With Lynxx Networks Xxtreme Velocity fiber-optic Internet your upstream-hungry services, such as uploading large data files, IP Video Conferencing and accessing cloud-based services will all be handled seamlessly.


Fiber optic Internet runs at the speed of light. That’s 186,282 miles per second!

Fiber optic Internet is ideal for business environments that utilize cloud-based utilities, cloud data, and real-time applications such as VoIP, SIP, and heavy file transfer.


Equal bandwidth Internet has the same upload speed as download speed.

Lynxx fiber Internet has longer transmission distances and high signal rates. This reduces latency delays incurred while processing data. Other companies cap uploads at a much slower rate than downloads so you are not fully getting what you pay for.


No other businesses run off the same line as yours.

A private connection direct from our network to your business.


Lynxx business Internet is a passive system and as such is immune to power surges, noise, and static.

Lynxx Business Internet is not easily affected by water making it practically weather-proof. The best choice for businesses that require the Internet to stay up and running.


Fiber is the most secure network.

To hack a DSL system, it is possible to attach to a copper line, however, fiber connectivity is made out of thin glass tubes and to penetrate the system breaks the tubes causing the system to go down and signaling an alert the system has been compromised.


Lynxx fiber optic cables are buried from our facility to your building.

Buried fiber optic cables protect the network from power surges like lightening strikes, and downed overhead network lines due to weather, ice, falling debris like tree limbs, fire, or accidents.

Lynxx Networks Gig Internet Business Parks

Lynxx Networks Gigabit Business Parks

Gigabit Internet To Support Local Business Growth

Lynxx Networks has formed partnerships with state, regional, and local economic development professionals to develop powerful Gigabit broadband availability across Juneau, La Crosse, and Monroe counties. Our combined goal is to highlight our communities as destinations for business expansion and relocation. The Gigabit Business Parks in our area are fiber-optic and future-ready. Become our newest neighbor and grow your business with Lynxx.

The following cities have Business Parks currently serviced with Lynxx Gigabit Internet: Onalaska, West Salem, Sparta, Tomah, Camp Douglas, New Lisbon, and Mauston.