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General Help for Video on Demand and Email Setup

The steps outlined below can help answer the basic usage and setup for VOD and Outlook Express email. If you have further questions call our customer service department at  608-427-6515 or 1-888-317-6565 during the hours of 8:00am to 4:30pm.

For repair issues regarding your voice, Internet or televison services from Lynxx, call 608-427-6515 or toll free 1-888-317-6565 24 Hours a Day, 7 days a week.

Outlook Express Mail Setup

  1. Generally, Outlook Express can be located by going to Start > All Programs > Outlook Express.
  2. If you have never used Outlook Express before you will need to configure it.  The configuration wizard will open automatically when Outlook Express is started for the first time, or by clicking Tools-> Accounts-> Add-> Mail.
  3. Enter your name, as you would like it to appear on the emails that you send:pop1
  4. Enter your email address, including the @mwt.net suffix:pop2
  5. On the next window–Email Server Names–indicate that you will be using a POP3 server and enter the following addresses:Incoming Mail Server: mail.mwt.net
    Outgoing Mail Server: mail.mwt.netpop3
  6. Your account name is the first half of your email address.  Type in your password, checking the box “remember password” if you would like Outlook Express to save your password.pop4
  7. You have now completed the email account setup and are ready to use Outlook Express:pop5

Video On Demand Guide

Rentals provides access to VOD (Video on Demand) movies and programs. You can choose from the most recent movies and older favorites, along with favorite TV shows, music videos, and local programming.

Unlike pay per view which only allows you to watch the program once at the scheduled time,

VOD allows you to determine what and when you want to watch, and how often during the rental period. You can even pause, rewind or fast forward just like a videotape or DVD. Rental prices are comparable to prices at your local video store, and some programs may even be free!

VOD Rentals are the ultimate in convenience and entertainment in your home! No more hassles with video rental stores.

Go To Rentals
Press Menu, highlight Rentals and press OK.

Browse Rentals
VOD Rentals are grouped into categories and sub-categories to make finding what you want very easy.

Step 1: Pick A Category

The bottom left of your screen lists the main Rental categories. Highlight a main category and press OK.

Step 2: Browse The Rentals

When you choose a category, a list of available VOD Rentals for that category are shown to the right.

Highlighting a VOD Rental will list information for that Rental in the upper left portion of the screen.

Note: At any time during this process, you can press the left arrow button to return to a previous set of categories.

Rent A VOD Rental
Step l: Pick A Rental

Follow Steps 1-2 for “Browse Rentals” to find a VOD Rental in which you are interested. Press OK.

Step 2: Rent

Highlight Rent and press OK.

Step 3: Confirm Your Rental

The confirmation screen appears

If you want otherusers to be able to watch this VOD Rental, highlight the Share Rental check box and press OK.

Now highlight the text box next to Enter PIN and use the number pad to enter your PIN, then highlight Rent and press OK to confirm your VOD Rental.

Watch Your VOD Rental
Step 1:
Pick Your Rental
Highlight your VOD Rental and press OK.

Step 2: Play Your Rental
Highlight Play From Start and press OK to start play at the beginning of the program.

If you have already watched part of the program and want to pick up where you left off, highlight Play From Last and press OK.

Controlling Rental Playback
While watching a VOD Rental, you can use the Playback Control buttons to pause, rewind, fast forward or stop playback.

Press Pause to halt playback at the current point.

Press Rewind or Fast Fwd to reverse or advance playback from the current point.

Press Play to resume watching at normal speed.

Press Stop to exit playback of the program.

The Slider
Any time you press a Playback Control button while watching a VOD rental, the Slider appears.

The box at the top left indicates the playback function in use.

The box at the top right indicates the current playing point of the video.

The bar in the middle gives a visual representation of where you are in the program. The lighter section indicates how much of the program has been played.

DVR, or Digital Video Recording, allows you to record programs digitally without the need for tapes or discs, as well as pause live TV.

Note: if your set top box does not support Recording, please contact customer service for an upgrade.

Quick Recording
The fastest and easiest way to begin recording is to use the Record button on your remote control.

Step 1: Start Recording
While watching a program, press Record.

Recording will begin immediately, and the lnfobar will appear with a red Record icon next to the Live TV indicator.

You can also start a quick record in Guide.
Highlight a program you want to record using the direction buttons and press Record.

If the program is currently on, recording will begin immediately. If the program comes on in the future, your system will record the program for you automatically. Your TV can even be turned off and recording will take place (but your set top box must stay on).

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