All Things Voicemail

Accessing your Existing Voice Mailbox –

  1. Dial 427-3999
  2. Press # if calling from the phone your voice mail is subscribed to
  3. If using Fast Login (*96) to access from your home phone, then no password is required
  4. If not calling from your phone that the voicemail is subscribed to, then enter your telephone number, followed by the # key
  5. Your password will be a default of four zeros (0000) until you change it

Setting Up Your New Voice Mail Account – Set up your account to create your own voice mail that will let people message you when you’re unable to answer a call.

  • You will have been given an access number (427-3999 and a PIN (Personal Identification Number)—the default PIN is 0000. Both of these numbers are required to set-up a voice mail account.
  • Call 427-3999 from your own phone
  • Log in or the first time
  • You will be prompted to select the number of the mailbox you wish to use
  • Next, enter your PIN when requested
  • Even before you set-up your account, people will receive a standard greeting and will be able to leave messages

First Time Sign-In –You must sign-in the first time you log into your mailbox. Configure your voicemail mailbox in these steps:

  • First, you must change your PIN (Personal Identification Number)
  • Record your name
  • Choose a greeting to play to callers before they leave a message
  • The greeting and recorded name will be heard each time a caller accesses your mailbox to leave a message

***You may skip the first time sign-in once by pressing the * key twice. However, after skipping it once you will need to complete all three steps the next time you call in

***You may end the setup process at any point by simply ending the call. However, if you end the call, you will be asked to complete the remaining setup steps the next time you enter your mailbox.

Changing your PIN –
Secure your account with a new PIN.

  • Set-up a new PIN by following the prompts in order.
  • Your telephone service provider will give details about the length of the PIN
  • When choosing a new PIN, there may be some restrictions, like not using your telephone number or sequential numbers in either ascending or descending order or repeated digits
  • Enter the new PIN, and press # when finished
  • If the PIN you chose doesn’t pass the checks imposed, an error message explaining why that particular PIN won’t work will come up. You will then be returned to the main menu and prompted to try again with another PIN number
  • If the new PIN passes the checks, set-up will continue as normal
  • You will be asked to confirm your new PIN by re-entering and pressing # when finished

Recording Your Name – Greet callers so they know they have reached the correct phone number.

  • Your recording should be less than ten seconds long, and if it’s too long you will be directed to re-record a shorter version
  • Record your name, and press # when finished
  • An announcement will play back your recording
  • If you wish to re-record the message, Press !
  • If you wish to keep the message, Press #

Choosing a Greeting – Create a personalized or pre-recorded message for your callers.

  • Once you have successfully recorded your name, you will be prompted to select a greeting from a selection
  • To record your own personal greeting, Press 1. Then record your personal greeting and press # when finished
  • To use a system-generated greeting that also announces your recorded name, press 2
  • To use a system-generated greeting that also announces your phone number, press 3
  • To use a system-generated greeting that neither announces your name nor phone number, press 4
  • An announcement plays back your selected greeting
  • To record or select a different greeting, press 1
  • To save your greeting and use it, press #
  • You will be transferred to the main menu