Lynxx Networks Bringing Fiber Broadband Services to Residential Customers in Mauston

7/13/2022 10:00:00 AM

Camp Douglas, Wisconsin – Lynxx Network is bringing its high-speed, fiber-optic internet, voice, and TV services to residential customers in the City of Mauston. 
The company currently has $2.25 million of fiber infrastructure in Mauston, serving over 90 percent of the businesses within the community. Lynxx Networks has been working with the city’s board and staff to make its services available to residential customers as well. 
The City of Mauston has entered into a fiber deployment collaboration agreement with Lynxx Networks for this project. This will assist with promotion and deployment of the fiber network. 
“We couldn’t be happier to collaborate with Lynxx Networks to make Mauston a multi-gigabit community, and to provide the internet capacity our community needs now and for years into the future,” said Mauston City Administrator Randy Reeg. 
“Our world continues to evolve, and technology is more important than ever to the daily lives of our residents and visitors,” Reeg said, adding, “our community has been urging us to bring them a solution to provide faster, more reliable, and more affordable internet.” 
With fiber services already to the majority of the businesses in Mauston, Lynxx Networks CEO Jim Costello said, “it makes sense to now bring fiber internet services to residential customers as well, considering the amount of network that’s already in place.” 
“We have a long relationship with the people in the City of Mauston,” Costello said, adding, “from being the first dial-up provider, followed by high-speed internet, and finally fiber to the businesses - this has allowed Lynxx Networks to lay a solid foundation to complete the whole city.” 
Juneau County Senator Howard Marklein and Representative Tony Kurtz both represent the Mauston area and have been strong supporters of rural broadband expansion, advocating for investment in infrastructure that will bring high-speed internet access to more of rural Wisconsin. 
“Quality, high-speed internet is vital to our communities—it helps our residents stay connected so they have reliable access to important services such as telehealth, education services, and accurate emergency response,” Kurtz said of the Mauston fiber expansion. “This project will have far-reaching impacts for our area, and I am grateful our community will soon be served with fiber-optic internet.”
Marklein added that, “Lynxx Networks’ investment in high-speed, fiber-optic internet, voice, and TV services for Mauston residents demonstrates that this Juneau County company is willing to invest its own resources to help our neighbors obtain access to high-speed internet service.”
“Rural broadband expansion is one of my top priorities and I am proud to support this investment as Lynxx Networks continues to work to connect citizens in Juneau County and beyond,” Marklein said. 
Construction on the City of Mauston project is scheduled to begin in 2023.
Lynxx Networks will be communicating with residents and businesses in the City of Mauston on the details of the project and how to submit contact information for those who are interested in services. Information will also become available on the company’s website,, and social media platforms.