Lynxx delivers the astounding image clarity of digital television via fiber optic cable or your existing telephone line!

Features Include:

  • Superior clarity – because it’s digital!
  • More than 120 channel selections, including local stations from La Crosse, Eau Claire and Madison
  • Premium movie channels, including HBO, Showtime, Cinemax and more
  • Pay-Per-View channels
  • Music channels in digital sound
  • On-Screen Broadcast schedule guide
  • Parental controls for children viewing
  • System help channel
  • Caller ID and Voicemail notifications appear on your TV screen!

Lynxx is proud to be poised to meet the expanding interests of our local customers with the sophisticated technology that was once reserved only for residents of metropolitan areas.

Top 10 Reasons To Select Lynxx TV Over Other Providers

  1. Delivered to Your Home or Business on Lynxx’s Premier Fiber Network
  2. Stays on Even When Its Raining or Snowing
  3. Juneau County’s One & Only Truly Local Chanel – Lynxx 24
  4. Local Associates Providing Customer Service and Installation
  5. New Movie Releases and Events Available Before Netflix and Red Box
  6. Easy to Find Local Weather Conditions
  7. Programming For Family & Children, Sports Fan, Comedy Lover, News Fan, Food Lover, Do-It-Yourselfer, History Buff, Faith Based Life, Outdoor Enthusiast and More!
  8. Take your viewing to the next level with amazing crystal clear HD TV
  9. Watch & Record Your Favorite TV Episodes or Movies from any room in your home!
  10. Have questions about your TV service or remote? Answers at your fingertips on Channel 1