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Connect For Less

Double Your Internet Speed for an Additional$10.00/moRequires qualified Internet plan

Areas Fastest Internet

Same Upload &
Download Speeds

Unlimited Usage (No data caps)

Always On Internet Service

Unlimited Local & Long Distance Phone$22.75/moSelect your favorite FREE phone features

Caller ID Name & Number

Voice Mail

Call Forwarding

Many More!

Your Lynxx HD Service is Now FREE!$0/moRequires qualified TV plan

Up to 81 HD Channels
Over 130 SD Channels

 Video On Demand
and Pay-Per-View

Premium Movie Channels

Commercial Free Music Channels

Prices stated do not include taxes & fees (installation if applicable, local tv station fees, equipment rental, or other applicable fees associated with these services). Services may not be available in all areas. Various restrictions may apply. Call for details. 

Please contact Lynxx’s customer service department for a complete price quote. If you are not a current Lynxx customer, you will need to complete an Application for Service. The application will be reviewed and a deposit may be required before services are activated. Additionally, any past due balances with Lynxx/Lemonweir Valley Telcom will need to be paid in full before service(s) can be activated. To complete an Application for Service, please stop in one of the Lynxx retail stores or contact the customer service department at 608.427.6515 to receive an application. You can also reach us via email at order accutane online cheap and ask for an application to be emailed to you.

Billing Information and Other Fees

  1. Billing begins the day the service is activated. Your first bill may reflect prorated service and one full month of service.
  2. Reconnection of service for non-payment – $12.50
  3. Some account changes may result in additional service fees.
  • For more information on our terms of service, please view our subscriber agreement and subscriber billing agreements.
  • Usage of this service is guided by regulations set forth under Midwest TelNet’s Acceptable Use Policy

How can i buy accutane in uk, Isotretinoin no prescription with mastercard

127 State Hwy 12 & 16
Phone: (608) 427-6515
Hours: M-F 8:00am-4:30pm
Email: order accutane online cheap

New Lisbon

201 Leer Street
Phone: (608) 427-6515
Hours: M-F 8:00am-4:30pm