Roads Included in Project 21: Phase 1

Please keep in mind that not all addresses are eligible for 2021.


State Hwy 21
Eureka Rd
Espy Rd
Enterprise Rd
Epee Ave
Essex Ave
Epic Ave
Ermine Ave
Entity Ave
Ensign Rd
Formica Rd

It’s Coming to Your Address - Area’s Fastest Internet, Wi-fi, Voice, TV Services on a New Fiber Network! Lynxx Needs Your Response by
August 6th!

Construction crews hired by Lynxx Networks to build the mainline of a new fiber optic network are going to be in the Tomah Highway 21 area beginning in early August. Lynxx Networks mailed a correspondence to property owners informing them the new fiber network will built along the Tomah Highway 21 corridor and your property address is on the 2021 fiber network build out.  If you want to be connected to Lynxx’s fiber network, it is very important you contact us by August 6th at 608-427-6515 so your property can be included in the fall 2021 fiber drop schedule.  Once you agree to being on the fall 2021 fiber drop installation schedule and the fiber drop is installed at your location, you will be able to select Lynxx internet and other services to fit your connection and entertainment experience by the end of 2021.

You may recall receiving a letter from Lynxx Networks in the Fall of 2020 regarding bringing our service to the Tomah Highway 21 corridor, pending the awarding of a state broadband grant that would assist financially with the project. While Lynxx Networks was not awarded the grant money, the application process made us aware of how badly so many in this area are in need of reliable, high-speed internet. As a result, we are moving forward with this fiber build without the grant money and are funding the cost of the project.

If you want to be included for this year, please read this!

There is a cost and we want to be very transparent about this: there will be a $500 aid-to-construction payment to have the fiber network equipment installed on your home. (You will need the fiber equipment installed on the outside and inside of your home to subscribe to Lynxx internet, wi-fi, voice and tv services). When the services you selected are installed, the $500 aid-to-construction can be paid in one payment or spread out in $20 payments for 25 months on the monthly invoice from Lynxx.  The services you select from Lynxx will be included on this invoice.

In addition to mainline construction costs, it costs our company, on average, $4,000 to bring fiber to a single premise (home), so the aid-to-construction funds help to lower the overall cost of a fiber project and make it possible to bring fiber internet and other services to your home.

As stated above, by asking to be put on the fall 2021 fiber drop schedule, you are acknowledging a commitment to paying the $500 for aid-to-construction.