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Residential Unlimited Local and Long Distance Plan Details

What types of calls are included in the unlimited long distance? Direct dial (1 + area code + phone number) calls to 48 states, Alaska, Hawaii,Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands and Canada.
No international calls are allowed, only calls to the states and countries listed in the prior sentence.

For unlimited local calls, dial the seven digit telephone number.

Local calls from the Camp Douglas exchange include: Camp Douglas, New Lisbon, Tomah, Warrens, Wilton, Mauston, Elroy, Necedah and Kendall.

Local calls from the New Lisbon exchange include: New Lisbon, Camp Douglas, Mauston, Elroy, Necedah and Kendall.

Toll cycle ends the 20th of each month.

Timing – calls rounded up to the minute and in one minute intervals.

Customers can call directory assistance. The rate is $0.95/minute.

Customers can call an operator and ask for an operator to complete a call for them. The rate for this type of call averages out to $0.50/minute.

Call, stop-in or email LYNXX NETWORKS Customer Service Department for current installation, labor charges and application for service procedures.

Taxes and government fees not included in the prices shown. Prices are subject to change without notice.

If you are having issues with your long distance calls not being completed or if people are calling you from long distance numbers and are not able to complete their call to you, please read the FCC’s information on this topic. The FCC site explaining Call Completion issues is:  FCC Call Completion Issues.

To complete the form to file a complaint to the FCC on this issue, please click this link.