How I sign up and start saving right away?
So glad you asked! Click here to access the form to sign up!

How does Optic Voice service work?
It’s a voice call over the internet. Think virtual calls, but without the image or video.

Is this a new product?
The first VoIP call was made in 1995. As a matter of fact,  your Lynxx Networks long distance service has been on VoIP for years!

Why is Lynxx Networks offering this product now if it’s been around for a long time?
We put a lot of research into how we can best offer this product to customers without having to install additional equipment. This also allows us to pass on cost savings to you.

Do I need a new phone or new phone number?
No. Your current phone will work just fine and you’ll keep your phone number. You will not experience any change to your service, other than it will cost less!

Will I be able to use my current features like: call waiting, three-way calling and voicemail?
Yes, all of these features will be available to you at no charge.

Will I still have unlimited local an long distance calling?
Of course! You will not have any changes to the free calling options!

What happens if the power goes out?
Optic Voice service will not work in the event of a power outage unless a battery back-up is installed and in working order. For more information on battery back-up, click here.

Can I take my phone with me to a different location as long as it’s connected to the internet?
Sorry, no. Optic Voice is a fixed voice service which means it cannot be moved to another location outside of Lynxx’s network.  It will not function. Let’s say that you’re looking for some Arizona sunshine and want to take your phone with you on vacation. The service will not work in Arizona, or anywhere other than where this phone is installed.

What will happen if I have a phone in another building (off premise extension/OPX)? 
If a subscriber has an OPX delivered via an additional ONT, revertive calling is not supported and customers may want to add a distinctive ring number if they want the ability to place calls between the locations. Not sure what revertive calling means? It’s what happens when you “call the barn” or call your own phone number and hang up in order to call yourself. If you have further question on this topic, feel free to call us!

What will my bill look like?
You will notice that your new bill will not just be a reduced  by approximately $13/month for the package rate, but also many taxes and fees will be eliminated due to this being an internet product! See the chart below for a comparison.

Cost Comparison in Dollars per Month