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That’s the theme for 2020 at Lynxx Networks

Lynxx Wi-Fi Offer

At the end of 2019 we decided to give our residential Internet customers more Internet for less money.

Way more internet, actually, because we want for you to have the best experience of the area’s fastest WiFi.

If you were previously a 50 Mbps customer, you were bumped to 200 Mbps; 100 Mbps customers were bumped to 500 Mbps; while 500 Mbps customers moved up to a Gig of Internet… you get the idea.

By now you should be seeing a difference in the amount you can stream, game, download, or whatever you do online.

If you feel your residence is not experiencing the speeds you’ve been upgraded to, please contact
us. We’ll do everything we can to make sure your experience with the area’s fastest Wi-Fi is the best possible.

One great way to get the most of your service is to make sure you have an appropriate router. Your router is the gateway between your home and the Internet, operating like a switchboard for all the different connections on your network. The quality of your router can greatly affect the speed at which your home WiFi network functions.

One of the best ways to get the most out of your internet is to upgrade to Lynxx Network’s Managed Home Wi-Fi service. This means you get a Lynxx Networks Gigacenter (router), plus the ability to identify and correct issues to make sure your router is always delivering at peak performance.

Right now, existing Internet customers who do not currently have Managed Home Wi-Fi can test it out for three months – no strings attached. This offer is available to existing residential Internet customers.

Outside of these promotional periods, the Managed Home WiFi service is only $9.95 per month. For less than the cost of the average take-out cheese pizza, you get a powerful router, plus when you need it, our tech staff can manage and troubleshoot your in-home network remotely.

Let us do the work while you sit back and enjoy all that the area’s premier Wi-Fi Internet has to offer.


Sandy Stevens

Lynxx Networks Fiber Internet connects Camp Douglas teacher
with her students in China

For retired teacher and Camp Douglas resident Sandy Stevens, the day begins the same way it does for the farmers that live on her country road – before the first few rays of sunlight begin to streak across the morning sky.

But unlike her farming neighbors, Sandy isn’t awake to milk cows or feed animals. Instead, she can be found at her computer, getting ready to teach children living on the other side of the world.

Sandy is one of approximately 70,000 teachers worldwide working remotely for the online teaching and education company, VIPKid. In her virtual classroom, Sandy teaches English to school age children in China. Her peak teaching hours are between five and seven a.m., as these are the evening hours for her students.

“Learning English and doing other academic things is very important to their parents,” Sandy said of her students, who range in age from 4-12.

Although English is taught in Chinese schools from grade one on up, Sandy said many parents see the value in adding to their children’s school training with extra tutoring through an education company like VIPKid.

English classes in Chinese schools are usually taught by non-native English speakers, but VIPKid requires all its teachers to be native speakers, which adds to the value that Chinese parents find in the online tutoring program, Sandy said.

“Parents really want their children to learn correct (English) word pronunciation,” she added.

“It was recently the Chinese New Year, so I looked up how to say, ‘Happy New Year’ to my students in Chinese,” she said.

Sandy said she’s also learning a lot about life in China, and does her best to connect what she’s teaching with her own life to, in turn, educate her students about life in the U.S.

The 25-minute lessons go quickly, and students are booked back-to-back, making reliable Internet connectivity a vital part of Sandy’s classroom. If she were to have computer issues and wasn’t online and ready to go when her student logged in, within 10 seconds, her class would be given over to a substitute instructor, and Sandy would lose the pay for the class.

Once at her desk, Sandy logs into her VIPKid portal. It shows her class schedule for the week and what students she’ll have. VIPKid provides the lesson material for each child, which Sandy reviews ahead of time. Much of her teaching involves props, and the online portal is interactive, which helps with the language barrier.

Classes are entirely in English, and Sandy said her older students are more fluent in the language given their school training in the subject. In turn, Sandy has picked up a few Chinese words since she started tutoring in March of 2019.

“You have to have good internet to do this; I’ve been doing this all these months and Lynxx has done a great job with the internet connection,” she said.

In addition to making the 12-15 virtual classes, Sandy teaches each week a possibility from her rural Camp Douglas home, Lynxx Networks Internet has allowed Sandy to continue to do something important to her – stay involved in the education field.

“I did some ESL teaching in Mauston but am learning so much more about teaching English as a second language,” said Sandy of her VIPKid experience, who retired in 2018 after teaching at both Mauston schools and St. Patrick’s School in Mauston.

“I feel fortunate because Lynxx Networks has good service,” she added. “It is indispensable in this day and age.”


2020 will bring with it the unveiling of a new product here at Lynxx Networks: Streaming TV.

In the near future, Lynxx Networks will be offering residential customers the option to stream their TV service, in addition to the option for traditional TV packages.

Midwest Video StreamThe streaming service, called MVS Stream, will incorporate all the same features as traditional TV, including Pause Live TV, Restart, and DVR functionality. In addition,
stream subscribers will be able to utilize the service to watch content on other mediums, including Roku, Amazon Fire, or Apple TV.

“Consumers’ TV viewing habits have changed,” said Lynxx Networks Marketnig Manager Ann Anderson, adding that, “Lynxx Networks recognizes this shift and
is bringing to market another entertainment option for customers.”

Residential customers will have the option to use the streaming package as their standalone service offering, or to purchase a “multi-generational” TV package that
will allow for both traditional and stream TV options within the home.

The new streaming service will also allow subscribers to utilize a special app that equips users with remote scheduling options; the ability to watch DVR recordings remotely via the app; and to use the app as a remote for a television.

“With Lynxx’s premier fiber-fast internet, a customer will now be able to pair it with the streaming TV service for a dynamic entertainment experience in their home,” Anderson said.


Resolved to get organized in 2020?
Stay on track with the app “Todoist”

This app allows users to…

  • Get a quick overview of everything on their calendar & to-do list
  • Stay informed of recurring tasks/activities
  • Organize and prioritize tasks
  • See tangible progress as they complete tasks
  • Integrate with 100s of other apps, including Google Home & Amazon Echo (ie. Hey Google, add “weed flowers” to my gardening task list in Todoist)
  • Delegate tasks to family members utilizing the app
  • Works on iOS, MacOS, Android, Windows and other operating systems

Pricing: Free up to 80 projects; Premium for $3/month

Lynxx Networks does not endorse this product. This feature is informative only.




While Alexa, Google and Apple Home, Nest, Arlo and other IoT (Internet of Things) devices make life easier in many ways, they can also bring big security risks with them. The biggest risk to consumers? Losing control of thier network if home devices are compromised, giving hackers access to locks, alarm systems, activity patterns, and cameras. So what can you do?


A router is the “front door” to your smart home. It is also the means by which all smart devices connect and operate. If the entrance to your home is secured, your IoT devices will be protected. Secure you router by:

  1. Changing the name of your router to something that does not give any personal identifiers. Also, change default names and passwords, and the router’s admin credentials.
  2. Disabling the router’s ability to broadcast the SSID (Service Set Identifier), also known as the Wi-Fi name. Hiding your network disables a possible entry point for hackers.
  3. Setting up a guest network for visitors to use.