What’s In A Name? A Clear Definition Of Who We Are.

Names are really important. When you say the name of your favorite people, pets and businesses, there’s an instant reaction beyond identification; names are associated with an emotion or an idea that crystallizes who they are or what they do.

In September of 2014, realizing the name Lemonweir Valley Telephone Company no longer accurately defined our company, we rebranded to Lynxx to better fit the new services and modern technology provided by the launch of the area’s only multi-gigabit network. The Lynxx name purposely played on the idea of “linking together” via the fiber optic network.

Today, the company is redefining its brand as Lynxx Networks. The utilization of the word “Networks” describes the business better than a listing of its TV, phone, and internet services ever could. It is truly at the core of everything the company does.

For one, it designates Lynxx Networks as the access point to connect its customers locally, nationally, and to the world.

Secondly, it illustrates the interconnected nature of its services. The company’s primary products work together. For example, the company’s fiber optic Internet connects to Lynxx Networks Managed Wi-Fi service in customer homes or businesses. In many situations, Lynxx Networks technicians can assist a customer without having to visit their location! The digital TV and telephone services are also delivered over the company’s fiber network.

Lastly, it is the company’s answer to the saying, “You’re only as strong as your weakest link”. The multi-gig Internet service can only be fast outside of the local network if the Internet backbone customers connect to is equally as fast. This reflects the company’s dedication to a strong, reliable, redundant network and partnerships with the fastest Internet carriers outside of our local network.

We are proud to announce the registration of the marketing name with the state of Wisconsin. From this point forward Lynxx Networkssm will be the brand name the company uses in its communications.

Jim Costello, Lynxx Networks CEO commented, “The service marking of the Lynxx Networks logo may seem like a minor change, but it will be a major help to define the future of our company.”

While Lynxx still feels the pride and heritage of being a Wisconsin based telephone company, it is now far more than that. Lynxx is poised to become even more successful and has reached another crossroads in its company story. The time has come for Lynxx Networks℠.

Costello commented, “Lynxx Networks indicates the continuing growth of our company and commitment to provide our customers the latest in fiber-based communications technology. We were among the first to provide fiber to the premise technology, the first to establish gigabit Internet business parks in our area, and we continue to lead the market and focus on the next technology to benefit consumers.”


Lynxx Customer Service

Our customer service team’s experience and commitment to client satisfaction is why Lynxx Networks has a reputation for delivering effective answers to your questions.

Pictured from left to right, top to bottom are:
Karla, Kayla, Katie, Kim, and Maggie.


Introducing Chris Heffel

Lynxx Networks Systems Engineer - Chris HeffelJob Title: Network Services Engineer

Professional Background: I Graduated from New Lisbon, and then UW-River Falls. Since then I have spent 16 years bouncing between Science Teaching and IT.
My journey has been blessed with great IT jobs at both Leer and Walkers, and amazing teaching opportunities at New Lisbon and Necedah Schools. All four are amazing places to work.

Hobbies & Special Interests: Life is too short for all of the interesting things in this world. Kayaking and bicycling are two of my favorites, but only if I can do them with the great people in my life. When trapped indoors, there is nothing more fun than board games with family and friends.

Proudest Accomplishment: Twice I have organized unsupported bicycle rides across the US. Bicycling through heat and cold, storms and sun, we enjoyed and appreciated every single day. The bicycling was easy, prioritizing life to enable such a trip was hard; seeing my friends and family pull this off is my proudest accomplishment. Next up… maybe a kayaking trip.

What do you like best about working at Lynxx Networks?
The atmosphere here is amazing. Every team member wants to provide a great service to the customers while creating a positive work environment. Since our customers are our friends and neighbors, the staff has a humble pride that makes for a very fulfilling job.

In my role, I have the awesome opportunity to help our local businesses with technical troubles they may be facing. This is something I truly enjoy. I can’t describe how great it feels when one of our many passionate small businesses thanks us for helping them be successful.


3RT Networks

As part of our strategy for sustained growth Lynxx Networks purchased IT consulting business 3RT Networks based in La Crosse.

“This is a bold and ground breaking step for a telecommunications company in Wisconsin,” stated James M. Costello, CEO of Lynxx Networks. “This will provide an additional level of connectivity and service to benefit our business, government and industrial customers. Lynxx Networks is proud to be at the forefront of this type of unprecedented collaboration.”

3RT Networks has 16 employees and will be relocating its office to downtown West Salem, Wisconsin. Their West Salem office will be connected to Lynxx Networks’s fiber optic network.

As an IT consulting firm, 3RT Networks has a customer base that encompasses the tri-state area. Some of the industries served include construction, education, healthcare, manufacturing and retail. 3RT Networks’ excellence is directly related to their passionate and experienced staff.

Tracy Tobin, Director of Technology at 3RT Networks states, “the skills of our staff and dedication to our customers has fueled our success.”

By coming under the umbrella of Lynxx Networks, the consulting firm now has the ability to access its own ISP (Internet Service Provider), the regional network connections of Lynxx Networks and the Wisconsin Independent Network (WIN). Customers served directly by Lynxx Networks have fiber optic facilities that provides exceptional bandwidth for the high-speed transmission of voice, video and data. WIN is the largest independent fiber optic network in Wisconsin, providing interconnections of fiber optic backbones of participating telecommunications companies. In turn, WIN is connected to the nationwide INDATEL Network.

“Our purchase of 3RT Networks augments our corporate abilities,” noted Costello. “Lynxx Networks now adds a broader scope of IT consulting services to its core services geared to business and industrial customers. These core services are Cloud Voice / Hosted Services; Internet Service; Data Center services; and Ethernet Services.”


Friday – Sunday, August 24-26

Hustlerfest. Hustler, WI. Fun for all ages! Tractor Pull, Hog Scamble, Pie Eating, Bale Throwing, Log Sawing Contest, Parade and More! Check out the full schedule of events at:

Friday – Sunday, August 31 – September 2

First Ever Vino Fest. Tomah, WI. Wisconsin’s reputation continues to grow with its high quality of vineyards and the wide variety of delicious wines! We are celebrating our State grown wines with a fun-filled summer event for people of all ages. Events take place in Winnebago Park along Lake Tomah and Gillett Park near our downtown area. Enjoy all the mouth-watering foods along with cooking demonstrations showcasing foods & wine combinations and delicious fine wines made right here in Wisconsin. Check out the full schedule of events at:

Saturday, September 1

EAA Fly-In. Mauston-New Lisbon (Union) Airport. Join our local EAA chapter for the 16th Annual Fly-In /Drive-In on Ferdon Road, approximately 1 mile south of New Lisbon. Event begins at 7am with breakfast. Activities for adults and kids of all ages. Helicopter rides, aviation displays, antique cars, farm machinery and more. Displays by Volk Field, New Lisbon Fire Department, and others. For more information visit:

Saturday, September 8-9, 11am-5pm

Harvest Festival at Burr Oak Winery. New Lisbon. Grape Stomp each day at 3:00 pm. Dress like Lucille Ball in her famous grape stomp episode. Cooking with Wine Demos, Wine Tasting, Food, Arts and crafts. Tour the Upper Vineyard on a Wagon Ride. For more information visit:

Saturday, September 28-30

Warrens Cranberry Festival. Warrens, Wisconsin. Join us at the World’s Largest Cranberry Festival – Fall family fun with over a thousand arts & crafts, flea-antique markets, farm market booths, food, cranberry harvest tours on Friday & Saturday, and a gigantic parade Sunday at 2. For more information visit: WarrensCranberryFestival


Lynxx Networks Customer Appreciation

Customer Appreciation Day Recap

Lynxx Networks would like to thank the approximately 500 people who attended our 13th Annual Customer Appreciation Day, on June 19th and to extend that thank you to all of our customers. We believe our company exists not only because we provide the best in high tech services, but because we provide the best in customer service. We want you to know through this event that our commitment to excellence begins with serving you first, and then the technology. See you again in 2019!

Lynxx Networks Donates to Hustlerfest

Lynxx Networks is proud to be a corporate sponsor for the 2018 “Blowin’ Smoke in Hustler” Hustlerfest. Hustlerfest is a one of a kind weekend long celebration featuring activities and fun for all ages. For a full schedule of events visit:

Lynxx Networks Donates to Waterfest

Lynxx Networks sponsored the annual Waterfest on Castle Rock Lake. There were plenty of activities with the highlight being the Lynxx Networks Venetian parade of boats decorated in colorful lights and the fireworks display.

Rodeo Fair at Juneau County Fair Sponsorship

Lynxx Networks is a major sponsor of the 3 Hills P.R.C.A. Rodeo which is held for two nights during the Juneau County Fair. The rodeo is a huge event! This rodeo features riding, roping, jumping and specialty events. In 2017, this rodeo was voted the Great Lakes Circuit PRCA Small Rodeo of the Year!

Lynxx Networks Awards Scholarship

Alexis Taylor of New Lisbon, WI, is a recipient of 2018 Wisconsin State Telecommunications Foundation (WSTF) scholarship. Taylor is a graduate of New Lisbon High School and one of 29 high school students throughout the state to receive telecommunications scholarships worth $1,500.00 each. Taylor’s name was submitted by Lynxx Networks. Her application was one of 83 applications for the scholarship funds.


Know The Difference Between Megabit and Megabyte

SmartHub - Lynxx Networks


Sign up for SmartHub and easily manage your account anywhere, on any device – desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone!
SmartHub puts the power of data in your hands through convenient account management and detailed usage information.

SmartHub delivers accurate, timely account information and allows you to make payments in a secure environment with the touch of a button, right from your mobile device or on any of your Internet connected devices. The two-way communication available with SmartHub allows you to notify us of account and service issues while providing us a way to let you know about special offers, programs, events and more.

Use SmartHub to:

  • Contact our office
  • Pay your bill
  • Report a service interruption
  • Manage your account
  • Sign up for notifications
  • And more…

Discover more at:

Click on the Pay or View My Bill or One Time Payment links at the top of the website to access the SmartHub site. You can also Go Mobile with SmartHub – just download the SmartHub app for your Android or Apple Smart Device.

811-before-you-dig hotline

Diggers Hotline – It’s Free, It’s Easy, and It’s the Law

Steps to Safe Digging

Many homeowners in Wisconsin have a long list of outdoor projects that need to be tackled in the spring and summer months. These projects could include anything from a new patio, to installing a fence, to simply planting a garden, shrubs or trees. Diggers Hotline wants you to complete these projects safely. Following these steps will help along the way.

  1. Notify Diggers Hotline by calling 811 or making an online request 3 business days before work begins.
  2. Wait 3 business days for all affected utility operators to respond to your request. On average 7-8 utility operators are notified for each request.
  3. Confirm all utility operators have responded to your request by comparing the marks to the list of utilities Diggers Hotline notified.
  4. Respect the marks. The marks provided by the affected utility operators are your guide for the duration of your project. If you are unable to maintain the marks during your project, please contact Diggers Hotline to ask for a relocate.
  5. Dig carefully. If you can’t avoid digging near the marks (within 18 inches on all sides), consider moving your project to another part of your yard. If you must dig near the marks no mechanized equipment can be used within 18 inches of the marks; only hand digging is allowed.

What You Will Need To File A Request:

  1. Your contact information
  2. Dig Site Physical Location
  3. Dig Site Information

Lynxx Networks 200, 500, and 1 Gig Internet is Great For Our Community

Get There Faster With Fiber

When online speed is what you want, Lynxx Networks Internet is what you should get. Fiber Internet is simply the fastest Internet available, allowing the transfer of huge amounts of data quickly and seamlessly.

Our Lynxx Networks Fiber Internet Has The Fastest Speeds For:

  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited Internet-connected devices
  • Streaming Netflix, YouTube, Hulu…
  • Online Gaming without lag
  • Video Chatting
  • Uploading/Downloading photos
  • Uploading Videos

Why is Lynxx Fiber a Big Deal?

Wondering what all the fuss is about? Here are 7 reasons fiber is a must have:

  1. SPEED – Fiber optic Internet runs at the speed of light. Nothing is faster.
  2. SYMMETRICAL – Same upload and download speeds. Go fast no matter what you need to do.
  3. REDUCES LATENCY – Eliminate frustrating delays incurred while processing data. Great for gamers!
  4. PRIVATE CONNECTION – No one else is running off the same Internet line as you.
  5. RELIABLE – Our Internet is immune to power surges, noise, and static meaning it stays up and running.
  6. SECURITY – Fiber is the most secure network. The only way to penetrate the system is to break the glass fiber tubes causing the system to go down and signaling an alert the system has been compromised.
  7. BURIED FIBER NETWORK – Our fiber optic cables are buried from our facility to your home or business protecting the network from power surges like lightening strikes, and downed overhead network lines due to weather, ice, falling debris like tree limbs, fire, or accidents.


VOD Releases
from August

Lynxx On Demand puts thousands of movies titles at the touch of your remote. Including blockbuster films to the classics, some of your favorite TV shows, TV series and music!

Check our VOD page for the most current release information.

Releases from July (if still available):

7 Days in Entebbe
Bleeding Steel
The Con Is On
Truth or Dare
I Feel Pretty
Isle of Dogs
How To Talk To Girls At Parties
Ready Player One
A Quiet Place
Super Troopers 2
You Were Never Really Here

Coming this September:

Joan Jett – Bad Reputation
Bel Canto
Cold Skin
Destination Wedding
The Gospel According to Andre
I Think We’re Alone Now
Jurassic World – Fallen Kingdom
The Mis-Education of Joy
Ocean’s 8
A Prayer Before Dawn
The Seagull
Solo – Star Wars
Uncle Drew
Won’t You Be My Neighbor

Releases listed above are current as of August 20th. Check our website’s VOD section for the most current release information.


Looking for news that focuses on the positive stories in our area? Lynxx 24 News airs new episodes live at 7 pm on Thursdays. You can tune in to Channel 24 (available to Lynxx Networks TV customers) at 6, 8 and 10 am or pm to watch recorded episodes if you missed the live broadcast. You can watch Lynxx 24 News anytime on Image Pictures YouTube Channel.

Lynxx 24 News Team