Camp Douglas, Wis. – Lemonweir Valley Telephone Company and its subsidiary LVT Corp is proud to announce the registration of its marketing tradename. The service mark Lynxx Networks℠ is now registered with the State of Wisconsin and will be the brand name the company uses going forward in its marketing. Jim Costello, Lynxx Networks℠ CEO commented, “The service marking of the Lynxx Networks℠ logo may seem like a minor change, but it will be a major help to define the future of our company.”

In September of 2014, Lemonweir Valley Telephone and LVT Corp Defined the company brand to Lynxx to better fit the new services and modern technology provided by the launch of the area’s multi-gigabit network. The Lynxx name purposely played on the idea of “linking together” via the fiber optic network.

Today, the company is Redefining its brand as Lynxx Networks℠.  The utilization of the word “Networks” describes the business better than a listing of its tv, phone, and internet services ever could. It is truly at the core of everything the company does.

For one, it designatesLynxx Networks℠ as the access point to connect its customers locally, nationally, and to the world. Secondly, it illustrates the interconnected nature of its services. The company’s primary products work together. For example, the Managed Wi-Fi service is connected to remote tech support through the company’s fiber optic network. The digital TV and telephone services are also delivered over the company’s fiber network. Lastly, it is the company’s answer to the saying, “You’re only as strong as your weakest link”. The multi-gig Internet service can only be fast outside of the local network if the Internet backbone its customers become connected to is equally as fast. It reflects the company’s dedication to a strong, reliable, redundant network and partnerships with the fastest Internet carriers outside of its local network.

While Lynxx Networks℠ still feels the pride and heritage of being a Wisconsin based telephone company, it is now far more than that.  Lynxx Networks℠ is poised to become even more successful and has reached another crossroads in its company story. The time has come for Lynxx Networks℠.

Jim Costello, CEO commented, “Lynxx Networks℠ indicates the continuing growth of our company and commitment to provide our customers the latest in fiber-based communications technology. We were among the first to provide fiber to the premise technology, the first to deploy multi-gigabit Internet and we continue to lead the market and focus on the next technology to benefit consumers.”