Camp Douglas, Wisconsin — LYNXX Networks℠ announces a new trajectory for growth through the acquisition of an information technology consulting business based in La Crosse, Wis. “This is a bold and groundbreaking step for a telecommunications company in Wisconsin,” stated James M. Costello, CEO of LYNXX Networks℠. “This will provide an additional level of connectivity and service to benefit our business, government and industrial customers. LYNXX Networks℠ is proud to be at the forefront of this type of unprecedented collaboration.”

LYNXX Networks℠ finalized an asset purchase with the IT consulting firm 3RT Networks, LLC on May†1, 2018. LYNXX Networks℠ is the tradename under which Camp Douglas based Lemonweir Valley Telephone Company and its wholly owned subsidiary LVT Corp. jointly do business. The IT consulting business purchased by LYNXX Networks℠ will continue to operate under the name 3RT Networks. 3RT Networks has 15 employees who will continue to work from its La Crosse location.

As an IT consulting firm, 3RT Networks has a customer base that encompasses the tai-state area. Some of the industries served include construction, education, healthcare, manufacturing and retail. 3RT Networks’ excellence is directly related to their passionate and experienced staff. Tracy Tobin, Director of Technology at 3RT Networks states, “the skills of our staff and dedication to our customers has fueled our success.” By coming under the umbrella of LYNXX Networks℠, the consulting firm now has the ability to access its own ISP (Internet Service Provider), the regional network connections of LYNXX Networks℠ and the Wisconsin Independent Network (WIN). Customers served directly by LYNXX Networks℠ have fiber optic facilities that provides exceptional bandwidth for the high-speed transmission of voice, video and data. WIN is the largest independent fiber optic network in Wisconsin, providing interconnections of fiber optic backbones of participating telecommunications companies. In turn, WIN is connected to the nationwide INDATEL Network.

“Our purchase of 3RT Networks augments our corporate abilities,” noted Costello. “LYNXX Networks℠ now adds a broader scope of IT consulting services to its core services geared to business and industrial customers. These core services are Cloud Voice / Hosted Services; Internet Service; Data Center services; and Ethernet Services.”

3RT Networks, LLC was previously owned by its parent company Three Rivers Technologies. “We wish 3RT Networks and LYNXX Networks℠ much success as they expand throughout the region and provide top-notch networking and support services to their customers as they always have. We feel that strategically, LYNXX Networks℠ is better positioned to bring them future success,” stated TJ Stenger, owner of Three Rivers Technologies. “We would like to thank the employees of 3RT Networks for all of their hard work while part of the Three Rivers Technologies family. Three Rivers Technologies will continue to provide the expert services of its core business, software development and testing, as we have done for the past eighteen years.”