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WSTF Scholarship Winner Adam Bell with Lynxx General Manager Jim Costello[1]

WSTF Scholarship Winner Adam Bell with Lynxx General Manager Jim Costello

Adam Bell and Monica Larsen are the recipients of 2015 Wisconsin State Telecommunications Foundation scholarships, according to Jim Costello, general manager of Lynxx/Lemonweir Valley Telcom.Bell, a graduate of New Lisbon High School, is one of 33 high school students throughout the state to receive telecommunications scholarship worth $1500 each. Bell’s name, which was submitted by Lynxx, was one of 94 applications for the scholarship funds.

Larsen, a graduate of New Lisbon High School, is one of five $500 scholarships to graduating high school students going to a technical college. Larsen’s name, which was submitted by Lynxx, was one of 94 applications for the scholarship funds.

WSTF Scholarship Monica Larsen with Lynxx General Manager Jim Costello

WSTF Scholarship Monica Larsen with Lynxx General Manager Jim Costello

The foundation was part of the Wisconsin State Telecommunications Association (WSTA), which is a trade organization representing 65 telephone companies and cooperatives in Wisconsin. Lynxx/Lemonweir Valley Telcom is a member of WSTA. In addition to the 5 technical scholarships to graduating high school students, the Foundation awarded four $750 scholarships to second year students enrolled in Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College’s Electronics Communications Program and also 33 high school students throughout the state to receive the scholarships worth $1500 each.

Selections are based on financial need, acacdemic achievements and extra-curricular activities. Since 1966, the Foundation has awarded a total of $1,430,950 to 1,136 students.

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