Kudick Chevrolet | Buick


“The speed of Lynxx internet service far exceeds that of our previous provider’s. We have always had a “back-up” provider in case our previous provider went down. We are considering dropping that “back-up” provider, as we have not had any disruptions with Lynxx. Also, it is great for me to be able to call somebody local that can address my concerns, versus the previous large provider which was impossible to get through to.”


Greg Gruber
Controller, Kudick Chevrolet Buick



“We’ve had no issues with staying connected. Lynxx has reduced our down time by over an hour a day because of having to reboot our machines. Our speeds are much faster, which has reduced our computer time and allowed us to allocate time to other tasks. For businesses that don’t have Lynxx service, I’d emphasize their increased speeds and reliability (as reasons to switch). I’ve never had to call and tell Lynxx I have an issue. I was on the phone constantly with our other provider, but since switching to Lynxx Networks, I’ve had zero down time and zero outages.”

Brandon Schoonover
General Manager, Fastenal, Tomah branch

All American Do It Center

Tomah, Sparta

“Our company has three locations all utilizing continuous, real-time data. The upload and download band width, which is carried on fiber optic cable to our stores, far exceeds our demand, and without a doubt, positions us well for future expansion. This was not the case with our previous provider.

I just realized that we take Lynxx service for granted because we don’t think about it, (and) because we don’t have issues; not thinking about it is a good thing.”

-Brian Buswell
Owner, All American Do It Center

Rudig Jensen, Ford - Chrysler - Dodge - Jeep - Ram

New Lisbon

“Everything in the dealership is done via the internet – from diagnostics in our shop, to the auto body shop, and even our car shop and quick lube… throughout, It’s almost flawless. We just don’t have problems with our communications network. Lynxx is a vital partner to the daily operation of our business. Going forward, I’m totally confident that Lynxx Networks will be here to supply our needs. We can compete with anybody – bigger communities, bigger cities – because we can communicate. I can guarantee you that with Lynxx Networks the service is superior to anybody. It’s a great relationship.”


-Mark Rudig
Owner, Rudig Jensen

Century 21 Gold Award Homes


Centuary 21 Gold Award Homes – Tomah

“We are very pleased with Lynxx Networks. Not only is the internet speed exactly what we needed for our business, but with their phone service the savings compared with our previous provider is very impressive! The internet is dependable – we never have to worry about outages. Lynxx Networks customer service is outstanding as well.
As our business has become extremely virtual, this service more than satisfies our needs. I highly recommend the excellence of Lynxx Networks!”


Gayle Treu
Broker/ Owner Century 21 Award Homes

Tomah Cash Store


“We had a storm that fried our phone system – our credit card machines were down – everything. I had nothing. I called Jim Costello and he had a technician over here that day and we were up and running with phone and Internet. The experience with Lynxx has been amazing – we love it. With Lynxx we have a shorter time to run credit card transactions, compared to a long delay with our old company. There  hasn’t been a blip with the phone or Internet – we’re very happy with it. We have had Charter and Century Link and nothing compares with what we are getting now in terms of both speed and service. I highly recommend Lynxx.”


Mark Rose
Owner, Tomah Cash Store

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