Tomah Health


“Lynxx was willing to make a fiber connection between our old campus and our new campus. With their maximum bandwidth we had the ability to move massive amounts of data between facilities, and that was a key design element that helped us through the transition (from the old hospital to the new Tomah Health facility). From the beginning, Lynxx CEO Jim Costello was an excellent resource in helping us design our connectivity on the new campus.”

-LaVonne Smith
Information Services Director, Tomah Health

Coulee Health

West Salem

“We have switched over from one of the big national companies and couldn’t be happier. Lynxx Networks goes above and beyond, and it is apparent that they truly want to provide the best service for their customers. On top of that, I love supporting a local business that cares about our community. My only regret is not switching sooner!”

Kyle Boland
Co-founder, Coulee Health

Bubnich Chiropractic


“I have been extremely happy with Lynxx since making the switch away from Century Link. Internet down time can be crippling to health care facilities because of the mandate to use electronic health records. I used to deal with no internet connection multiple times a month before making the switch. Now, the Lynxx network’s fiber optic speed and reliability gives me the confidence to know that when I show up to work I won’t have to spend time dealing with connectivity issues. In the rare instances when I do need to call Lynxx about my account, a local person answers the phone. There is no automated phone tree to deal with! Thank you Lynxx, for providing exceptional phone and internet services!”

Adam Bubnich
Chiropractor, Bubnich Chiropractic Clinic

Mile Bluff Medical Center


“Our partnership with Lynxx has provided high-speed communication opportunities between our clinics, which has allowed us to share medical records that are accessible at any of our locations; electronically transmit prescriptions to our retail pharmacies; provide education through our outreach facilities; and provide portal opportunities for patients to access information online and in real time, so they can manage their health better. Lynxx’s fiber has vastly improved the speed of our communication of information, which has made a major difference in terms of real time health care for our patients.”

-Jim O’Keefe
CEO, Mile Bluff Medical Center

Tomah Vet Clinic


“Prior to switching to Lynxx our Clinic was unable to obtain high speed internet service through our old carrier. Thanks to Lynxx our productivity has doubled!”

-Kelly Murray
Office Manager, Tomah Vet Clinic

Houston Dental Clinic


“We now have speed-of-light internet service that is very useful processing hundreds of insurance claims each week. Lynxx makes doing business seamless in the internet age. I would highly recommend it for business owners – (you’ll be) making the switch to the “Ferrari” of internet service.”

Dr. Jairus Houston, DDS
Houston Dental Clinic

Deer Creek Dental Clinic


“We made the switch to Lynxx and haven’t looked back!  Our dental practice uses 20 to 25 computers on a daily basis and we have had no issues with the internet keeping up.  Our Lynxx Networks fiber TV service is also a significant improvement over satellite and cable.  Lynxx offers competitive pricing and has provided us with exceptional customer service.  We highly recommend Lynxx for any of your business or residential needs!”


Rachel Hendricks
Deer Creek Dental Clinic

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