Newest Project

Fritz and Freckles, Tomah

Application are being accepted for Lots 1-11. Construction to begin spring 2022.

Current Projects

Village of Oakdale

Covering homes in the Village of Oakdale

Project Phase: Construction

New Projects and Fiber Expansions

With great need for better internet in our rural communities, we are dedicated to finding ways to expand our network and reach more homes in our service area and beyond.

To the left, you’ll see a listing of new projects we are working on. When projects are approved, we send out mailers to qualifying addresses that include a link to the application pages.

This year, we are also working hard to obtain grant funding as well as working with local townships and counties to collaborate and use the newest ARPA (American Rescue Plan Act) funding to help us build new infrastructure.

What happens if your area is identified to receive fiber services?

Building new fiber infrastructure can certainly be a process and we want to be sure you know all the details.

We begin by reaching out by mailers to each resident that lives in the qualifying area. This mailer explains construction costs that may be required.*

Once we have worked out the billing details and have a know which homes in an area are wanting services, we start boring fiber and plowing drops to the homes.

Next, we splice the fiber drop to the mainline. Finally, we get that fabulous fiber up and running and schedule installation of your services.

*In addition to mainline construction costs, it costs our company, on average, $4,000 to bring fiber to a single premise (home), so we do ask for an ATC (aid-to-construction fee), to help lower the overall cost of a fiber project and make it possible to bring fiber internet and other services to your home. The most common ATC (aid-to-construction) fee to the customer is $500, however this can vary depending on the logistics of the project. This ATC fee does not cover monthly service costs. The ATC can be paid in one payment or spread out in $20 payments for 25 months on the monthly invoice from Lynxx.